Booking and Contact


Our bookings are either through us,  please mail  Judy Easter, site manager at or ( type in Brockford Railway Sidings or see below).  Please note that if you are physically less able then you should discuss your requirements with us before booking, access to some of the carriages is via steps and some areas of the carriages are fairly limited in space terms.   If you are in a wheelchair or require a mobility scooter to get about then we recommend The Station House, which has wheelchair access and with the exception of one bedroom, is arranged on the ground floor.

If you have a dog then note that we aim to keep some carriages pet free, please note that small well behaved dogs are allowed in some carriages  Equally if you are allergic to dog hair, then note that we clean very thoroughly between visits but that you may prefer one of our designated pet free units.

For general enquiries and bookings, telephone Judy on 01379 678644 or Tony on 07788974169  .

The relevant links if booking via are as follows

The Station House

Railway Carriage 1

Railway Carriage 2

The Guard’s Van

Wilby Halt